Today we’re introducing Eric from the Dronucopia team!

Eric is developing his racing skills and we’re sharing his journey with you. Perhaps you’re getting started in the world of drone racing and you’re probably practicing, crashing, and fixing your drone as you progress as well.

About Eric

We asked Eric what inspired him to race. In addition to using drones as a hobby for flying and taking awesome aerial photos, he finds racing to be an exhilarating and competitive sport. When Eric isn’t outdoors, or working on his drones and flying skills, he’s working as a camera operator, utility, and assistant at the Kansas City Royals stadium during busy gaming seasons, and landscaping during the off-season(s).

Now, let’s talk hardware…

Eric started flying with Torrent 110 and an Inductrix MPV Plus micro drones. These drones are both on the smaller side. The Torrent 110 presented a learning curve and was challenging to maneuver in comparison to the Inductrix and the Torrent 110 “is a beast” and packs a lot of power in a small drone, he says.

Watch Episode One of The ABC’s of FPV for more flight footage, his review(s) and details! And stay turned for our next Episode on Youtube or the Dronucopia blog.

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