Welcome to Volume 1 of the Dronucopia Drone Racing Report! In this weekly video series, we discuss FPV drone racing, hardware, leagues, and more. Subscribe to the Dronucopia YouTube channel for weekly updates.

While the practical uses of drones are great, hobbyists and thrill-seekers alike have flocked to drones simply for the entertainment factor, and a new sport has emerged as a result: DRONE RACING, also known as FPV.

If you are new to drone racing, a ready to fly or RTF kit is a great way to start. These kits can start under $200 and include an assembled, ready to fly drone. Some kits include the controller and even the goggles. Starting small is a good idea since you WILL crash…. And crash…. And crash. Don’t worry! The smaller intro drones are designed for this and are very durable, getting you back in the air quickly and building your experience and skills until you’re ready to step up.

Watch to learn more:

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